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Georgia medical marijuana bill stalls in house committee

Here is a report from Macon 13 WMAZ “There are some legal opinions that the farm bill would allow a cultivation of a low THC cannabis that is technically hemp….


Hemp – Farm Bill Opens Door to Hemp Farming in Georgia

WASHINGTON, February 5, 2014- After three years of negotiations, the Farm Bill passed both chambers of Congress on Tuesday. Hemp wasn’t necessarily one of the largely debated topics. However, hidden…


Hemp – the energy and industrial crop of the future?

While Georgia CARE focuses mainly on the medical and criminal justice aspect of cannabis laws, HEMP has attracted many to the law reform movement. States like Colorado and Kentucky are…


Hemp Flag to Fly High!

A flag made out of a substance that’s illegal to grow in the United States will fly above the nation’s Capitol building on July 4, the Washington Post reported Tuesday….

Kentucky hemp bill passes in final hour

FRANKFORT, KY. — An amended bill to regulate industrial hemp production by Kentucky farmers — if the federal government allows it — was passed by the Kentucky legislature in the…