2017 Map of US State Cannabis Laws

2017 Map of us State Cannabis Laws

We noticed a lot of the state by state maps were out of date after the November election, so we went ahead and built this 2017 Map of US State Cannabis Laws with the most up to date reflection of state cannabis laws across the nation.

Updated as of 1/29/17


2017 Map of US State Cannabis Laws

Adult Use refers to states in which cannabis is fully legal for adults over the age of 21. Particular conditions of their laws vary.

Medical refers to states in which full-plant medical use is legal. It requires a prescription from a doctor and states have different lists of approved medical conditions. Learn about Georgia’s law here.

Limited refers to states that allow use of cannabis oil for medical reasons. The conditions vary from state to state, along with restrictions on the type of oil. Most are high-CBD, low-THC oil. To understand Georgia’s law, go here.

Illegal refers to states that completely prohibit the consumption

To see individual rules for each state law, you can go here.

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