Atlanta Display of the Cannabis Quilt

Atlanta GA: On March 14, the Georgia State Capitol will be the venue for a unique display. Moms for Marijuana International will display an 18’x 24’Cannabis Quilt. The quilt was designed to bring public awareness to the victims of the War on Marijuana.


What: The Cannabis Quilt Display

When: March 14, 2013 – 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Where: Georgia State Capitol –West Plaza

Modeled after the AIDS quilt, the Cannabis Quilt recognizes people who have been victimized, arrested/imprisoned, families torn apart and those denied medical access and even killed as a result of the War on Marijuana and prohibition.

Also being displayed will be a partial exhibit of 50 handkerchiefs from the Embroidery for Peace exhibit. Each handkerchief has a name and date of one of the victims killed in Mexico due to the war on drugs.

The event is supported by various marijuana law reform advocate groups including – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), Peachtree NORML & NORML Women Alliance (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), Georgia Campaign for Access, Reform & Education (GA CARE), and others.

Sharon Ravert the event organizer said the goal is to bring public awareness to the fact that the policies of the War on Drugs and marijuana prohibition creates a black market and an illegal drug trade that is causing death and misery.

“The War on Marijuana has been a failure”, Ravert said. “Marijuana prohibition is reminiscent of alcohol prohibition. It was a failure and America eventually realized regulation, control and taxation were needed to end the criminal element, corruption and death associated with prohibition.”

Ravert remembers the Atlanta case of Kathryn Johnston the 92 year old that was gunned down by undercover police officers in a botched raid in her home where marijuana was placed on the property by police to justify the raid. The police officers were later indicted and sent to prison.