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Curt Thompson

Georgia Sen. Curt Thompson On Marijuana Benefits

Take advantage of medical, economic benefits By Curt Thompson Few would disagree that physicians need every good tool in their medical toolbox to provide the best short and long-term health…

peake 3

Rep. Allen Peake Vows to Fight Marijuana Legalization in Georgia

At a press conference yesterday (12/3/14) State Representative Allen Peake has vowed to fight any attempt to legalize marijuana in the state of Georgia. He responded to question about a…


Hemp – Bring it Home to Georgia USA

Educating America about the value of the hemp plant. The new “billion dollar crop”.  


Bill to legalize marijuana in Georgia takes root

The news that legislation to legalize marijuana (cannabis) in the state of Georgia was filed this week has created quite a buzz in the news and social media. Here is…


Take Action! Speak Out! Your Voice Counts….

The final meeting of the Georgia Joint Study Committee on Medical Marijuana will be held December 3rd at the state capitol in Atlanta. Medical patients, advocates and medical and law…

Dr Uma Video

Cannabis Therapeutics – The renaissance of a natural medicine with Dr. Uma Dhanabalan

Georgia C.A.R.E. is proud to release the first of a series of video interviews concerning the use of Cannabis as medicine (medical marijuana). In this release “Dr. Uma”  ( Dr….

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