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700 Medical Studies on Cannabis

Here is a collection of research papers on medical cannabis.

Marijuana Petitioners: What they are saying

Georgia CARE launched a petition in support of marijuana law reform – nearly 700 have signed the petition is 3 days. Here is what some have to say: It’s time…


Cannabis Cures Cancer? Prove it!

It’s a incredible statement to make. “Cannabis cures cancer”. But where is the proof? Let’s start here…. 34 Medical Studies Proving Cannabis Cures Cancer There’s still a lot of confusion…

James Bell behind the camera

Georgia Medical Cannabis Documentary Raps Up

A documentary video featuring Georgia medical marijuana patients will rap up shooting next week. James Bell, director of Georgia CARE Project and videographer has traveled around the state to document…

Marijuana Goes Mainstream

Georgia CARE Letter to Legislators

Today, Georgia CARE Project director James Bell send a letter to the Georgia General Assembly concerning the reform of medical marijuana laws. We encourage you to continue to contact your…