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One of Georgia’s finest shares his law enforcement experience

If you are currently in law enforcement and have reservations about how law enforcement is forced to deal with controlled substances I strongly urge you to check out Law Enforcement…


Georgians Speaks out on marijuana legalization

We now have more than 3400 signature on our legalization petition. Our goal is 10,000. Once we reach our goal we will deliver the petition to the Governor and legislature….

Americans Support Drug Policy (Marijuana) Reform, Polling Data Shows

From – The DOJ decision to avert mandatory minimum sentencing for drug-related offenses in certain circumstances may come as a huge surprise given the federal government’s relentless “War on…


Majority Of Parents Support Medical Marijuana

SAN FRANCISCO — A new survey released Tuesday reveals that a majority of American parents support medical marijuana legalization, and nearly half support legalization for recreational use. Perhaps more surprising…


Opinion: Pot, Paul and Prejudice by James Bell

The Republican Party’s new shooting star Sen. Rand Paul may be shooting himself in the foot when it comes to addressing the issue of legalization of marijuana. Unlike his father,…