Cannabis Oil Could Help Kason – Father Supports Senate Bill -7

From Times-Georgian: Kason Jiles of Villa Rica turned a year-old in October and is learning to sit up and eat.

That may not sound extraordinary, but Kason has a neurological disease called Ohtahara syndrome that is characterized by seizures that can number from 10 to 75 a day.


One-year-old Kason Jiles is treated by Dana Harris, his occupational therapist. Kason could be helped by cannabis oil.

Many infants with Ohtahara syndrome do not even make it to their first birthday. But Kason is beating the odds, according to his father Jonathan, who says Kason is improving lately with only a few seizures a week.

Jiles said his son is on a special ketogenic diet and some changes to his medication regiment have helped. Another thing that could help Kason is cannabis oil. It could reduce his number of seizures and improve his quality of life dramatically.

Medical marijuana nearly passed the Georgia General Assembly in 2014, but got caught up in political wrangling in the final hours of the 40-day session.

As legislators get ready to head back to Atlanta for the start of the 2015 session, there are already several bills being talked about that could legalize cannabis oil and give the Jiles family and others like them the relief they’re looking for.

Jiles said he prefers Senate Bill 7 over the House Bill 1, which is co-signed by state Rep. Micah Gravley (R-Douglasville), who represents part of Villa Rica.

“After reading HB 1, I am somewhat disappointed in what I have read so far,” said Jiles in an email. “Nearly all Georgia families currently in Colorado are presently using THC alongside CBD oils to control seizures. I believe HB 1 as written is too restrictive to be effective legislation for Georgia families. Sen. Curt Thompson (D-Norcross) has prefiled a bill, SB 7, which I believe is much closer to the legislation that exists in states where Georgia families are currently moving to provide life-saving medication to their children.”

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