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petition2Georgia CARE launched a petition in support of marijuana law reform – nearly 700 have signed the petition is 3 days. Here is what some have to say:

It’s time to end the ignorance and propaganda surrounding cannabis and recognize its scientifically-proven medical benefits. Cannabis is more effective than pharmaceuticals and far less harmful as well. IK – Atlanta, Ga.

Job creation. Peace of mind. It’s the will of the people. End the greed and corruption and suffering of those who are denied this medicine. CR – Dacula, Ga.

It is time we stop wasting government dollars on a medicine that can help people. Refocus our efforts to real criminal. JH – Decatur, Ga.

Why give people pills ( which can kill them) when you can give them a harmless plant. People need this but lawmakers are so far shoved up their own ass they really don’t care about us, or so it seems. GB – Byron, Ga.

First cannabis cures many illnesses, it is not the devil weed that we have been taught. The fibers and oils can be used for so many industrial uses it should be legalized and if Georgia becomes the first state we will get a jump on the other states in the industry as many jobs would be created, the faster we do this the better for it is coming and it is better to lead than to follow. Thanks for your time. RP – Rome Ga.

Having a medical compassionate law in the State of Georgia is highly important to me. My spouse suffers from a debilitating disease that is eased with the use of Cannabis. Not only from smoking but ingesting is the best form of consumption. Others with the same disease take many medications with serious side effects and some have lost their lives. This is an important issue. CB – Jesup, Ga.

I use marijuana as an anti-depressent/stress reliever and refuse to take dangerous pills for it. Legalizing marijuana would make it easier for me to get and remove any dangers of arrest. JS – Oxford, Ga.

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Cannabis Cures Cancer? Prove it! /cannabis-cures-cancer-prove-it/ /cannabis-cures-cancer-prove-it/#comments Mon, 21 Oct 2013 22:34:08 +0000 /?p=1171 national-cannabis-coalition1It’s a incredible statement to make. “Cannabis cures cancer”. But where is the proof? Let’s start here….

34 Medical Studies Proving Cannabis Cures Cancer

There’s still a lot of confusion across the nation about whether or not marijuana is effective for cancer patients. Odds are you’ve heard something about it but weren’t sure whether the information was reliable or definitive. So, in order to help clear things up, here is a list of 34 studies showing that marijuana cures cancer, categorized by the type of cancers being cured in each study. As you sort through the articles, note that the consistent theme between them is that cannabis shrinks tumors and selectively targets cancer cells. As bills and voter initiatives to legalize medical marijuana spread from state to state, remember that we’re not just talking about mitigating the side effects of chemo (though this is another viable use), we’re talking about curing the cancer itself as well as preventing its spread. I’ve taken the liberty of only including articles from credible scientific journals, removing any biased or otherwise improperly cited studies. Enjoy!

Go here for the studies>>>

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Support Georgia CARE Project Today! /support-georgia-care-project-today/ /support-georgia-care-project-today/#comments Mon, 21 Oct 2013 14:17:42 +0000 /?p=1167 Georgia CARE Project is supported by people like you. Please consider making a minimum donation of $10.00 or more.


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“No More Dreams Denied” Conference on Mass Incarceration /no-more-dreams-denied-conference-on-mass-incarceration-2/ /no-more-dreams-denied-conference-on-mass-incarceration-2/#comments Sat, 19 Oct 2013 00:04:55 +0000 /?p=1155 Georgia CARE director James Bell will be a guest speaker at the “No More Dreams Denied” Conference on Mass Incarceration November 16 – 3:00pm Little Five Points Community Center (East Atlanta). Please mark your calendar and join us!


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Georgia Medical Cannabis Documentary Raps Up /georgia-medical-cannabis-documentary-raps-up/ /georgia-medical-cannabis-documentary-raps-up/#comments Fri, 18 Oct 2013 23:11:23 +0000 /?p=1153 James Bell behind the camera

James Bell behind the camera

A documentary video featuring Georgia medical marijuana patients will rap up shooting next week. James Bell, director of Georgia CARE Project and videographer has traveled around the state to document the testimonies of 20 medical marijuana patients who claim cannabis has improved their lives and helps with their medical conditions.

The film “We are not criminals” will be released in December at Georgia Care’s One Year Anniversary Celebration.

James Bell said he wanted to document the stories of how the cannabis plant is used as a medicine and use it to educate others about the issue. Bell said in the process of filming he got an education himself.

“I thought I had a grasp of how cannabis can help people who suffer from various illnesses”, Bell said. “But the stories I recorded opened my eyes. I was moved by the emotional stories being told.”

The film will also touch on the legal aspects of Georgia’s laws prohibiting the possession of marijuana and the medical research laws that went dormant in the 1980s. Bell hopes the film will educate lawmakers, the public and the media about the topic and will help to move legislation forward to reform the laws.

Last Call : Bell has placed a last-call on anyone willing to testify on the use of marijuana as a medicine. The final video sessions will take place next week.

If you are interested in participating in this project contact Georgia CARE at





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Sign petition to legalize marijuana in Georgia /sign-petition-to-legalize-marijuana-in-georgia/ /sign-petition-to-legalize-marijuana-in-georgia/#comments Fri, 18 Oct 2013 15:56:47 +0000 /?p=1145 Sign the petition and send a message to Georgia lawmakers to change the antiquated laws of the state. Please share this with your friends and email & Facebook friends.



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Proud to be NORML /proud-to-be-norml/ /proud-to-be-norml/#comments Fri, 18 Oct 2013 15:12:00 +0000 /?p=1141 Sharon Ravert leads pro-pot advocates in Pride Parade

Sharon Ravert leads pro-pot advocates in Pride Parade Atlanta

The local chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws – Peachtree NORML – march with pride down Peachtree Street last Saturday in the Atlanta Pride Parade. Georgia Care Project and other organization representatives joined them.

Georgia Care Project would like to thank NORML (Sharon, Dean, Kelley and crew) for their efforts in public outreach. We had a great time.

What about a float for next years parade?

Know an event Georgia CARE should be involved in? Let us know.

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Photos from Atlanta Pride Parade / Festival /photos-from-atlanta-pride-parade-festival/ /photos-from-atlanta-pride-parade-festival/#comments Mon, 14 Oct 2013 14:08:00 +0000 /?p=1132 October 12 & 13 was an exciting time for Georgia CARE Project and N.O.R.M.L. at the Atlanta Pride Festival as we reached out to 1000′s attending the event. To say the least, the support for cannabis legalization was incredible!. Thousands of brochures, cards and information was distributed.

Thanks to Peachtree NORML for acquiring the booth and to all the volunteers who made this happen.

Here are a few photos of this weekend’s event.


Georgia CARE parade marchers carry banner

James Bell shows his colors

James Bell shows his colors


NORML workers gather petition signature in support of legal marijuana.


We love a parade! NORML supporters march down Peachtree St.


Peachtree NORML director Sharon Ravert leads the way down Peachtree St.


PEACE! Our hope and dream! We are not criminals!



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Got PRIDE? March with us! Sunday /got-pride-march-with-us-sunday/ /got-pride-march-with-us-sunday/#comments Thu, 10 Oct 2013 21:48:50 +0000 /?p=1127 Georgia CARE Project will be marching with Peachtree NORML in the Atlanta Pride Parade this Sunday. Please bring creative banners and signs showing your support for legalization and freedom.

atlanta-pride-body-10-1-10ATTENTION PARADE MARCHERS: We will be meeting at the NORML booth #B-34 in Piedmont Park by 10:00 am on Sunday . If you prefer to meet at the parade staging area, please ride MARTA to the Civic Center Station and call us 678-576-1855 for our location. Bring your signs…..

Also, Saturday, NORML will have a booth and Georgia CARE will be passing out our brochures to festival goers. Come join us. You can reach Georgia CARE (James Bell) at 404*271*9061.

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Georgia CARE Letter to Legislators /georgia-care-letter-to-legislators/ /georgia-care-letter-to-legislators/#comments Wed, 09 Oct 2013 15:07:33 +0000 /?p=1118

Today, Georgia CARE Project director James Bell send a letter to the Georgia General Assembly concerning the reform of medical marijuana laws. We encourage you to continue to contact your senator or representatives about the issue.

How to contact your lawmakers >>>

Dear Honorable Senators & Representatives – State of Georgia

Georgia CARE Project (Campaign for access Reform & Education) is dedicated to reforming Cannabis (marijuana) laws. Our current focus is medical marijuana.


We need your help and support in modernizing Georgia’s Medical Marijuana Therapeutic Research Act. (Controlled Substance Therapeutic Research Act – Code 43-34-120)

Did you know ? Georgia was one of the first states in the nation to pass a medical marijuana act. In 1980 the General Assembly anonymously passed a marijuana therapeutic research act for glaucoma and cancer.

Did you know ? Twenty (20) states and the District of Columbia have passed medical marijuana laws.

Did you know ? Marijuana has been used successfully to treat conditions associated with;

AIDS (HIV) & AIDS Wasting – Alzheimer’s Disease - Arthritis - Asthma / Breathing Disorders - Crohn’s / Gastrointestinal Disorders - Epilepsy / SeizuresGlaucomaHepatitis CMigraines - Multiple Sclerosis / Muscle SpasmsNausea / Chemotherapy -Pain / AnalgesiaPsychological Conditions - Tourette’s Syndrome; and other condition.

We would like to speak with you concerning modifying Georgia’s Medical Marijuana Research Act that has been rendered dormant due to misguided state and federal policies. Georgia has lost 30 years of valuable research opportunities related to the healing properties of Cannabis.

What changes are necessary?

1.      We are seeking to expand the medical conditions for which cannabis can be used for medical research and treatment of disease;

2.      To provide for a safe, medical grade supply of Cannabis, extracts and derivatives and provide for dispensary;

3.      To convene the Patient Qualification Review Board according to law and provide staff to administer the program and collect /archive research data;

4.      Reclassify Cannabis and its derivatives from Schedule I to Schedule III so as to recognize its medical properties.

We would like to meet with you concerning this issue.

The recent CNN documentary by medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta has created a national awareness of the potential medical benefits of Cannabis. We would like to see Georgia become the world leader in Cannabis Therapeutics. With your help we can accomplish this.

Thank you for your consideration,

James Bell – Director, Georgia CARE Project

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