Georgia CARE Letter to Legislators

Today, Georgia CARE Project director James Bell send a letter to the Georgia General Assembly concerning the reform of medical marijuana laws. We encourage you to continue to contact your senator or representatives about the issue.

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Dear Honorable Senators & Representatives – State of Georgia

Georgia CARE Project (Campaign for access Reform & Education) is dedicated to reforming Cannabis (marijuana) laws. Our current focus is medical marijuana.


We need your help and support in modernizing Georgia’s Medical Marijuana Therapeutic Research Act. (Controlled Substance Therapeutic Research Act – Code 43-34-120)

Did you know ? Georgia was one of the first states in the nation to pass a medical marijuana act. In 1980 the General Assembly anonymously passed a marijuana therapeutic research act for glaucoma and cancer.

Did you know ? Twenty (20) states and the District of Columbia have passed medical marijuana laws.

Did you know ? Marijuana has been used successfully to treat conditions associated with;

AIDS (HIV) & AIDS Wasting – Alzheimer’s Disease - Arthritis - Asthma / Breathing Disorders - Crohn’s / Gastrointestinal Disorders - Epilepsy / SeizuresGlaucomaHepatitis CMigraines - Multiple Sclerosis / Muscle SpasmsNausea / Chemotherapy -Pain / AnalgesiaPsychological Conditions - Tourette’s Syndrome; and other condition.

We would like to speak with you concerning modifying Georgia’s Medical Marijuana Research Act that has been rendered dormant due to misguided state and federal policies. Georgia has lost 30 years of valuable research opportunities related to the healing properties of Cannabis.

What changes are necessary?

1.      We are seeking to expand the medical conditions for which cannabis can be used for medical research and treatment of disease;

2.      To provide for a safe, medical grade supply of Cannabis, extracts and derivatives and provide for dispensary;

3.      To convene the Patient Qualification Review Board according to law and provide staff to administer the program and collect /archive research data;

4.      Reclassify Cannabis and its derivatives from Schedule I to Schedule III so as to recognize its medical properties.

We would like to meet with you concerning this issue.

The recent CNN documentary by medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta has created a national awareness of the potential medical benefits of Cannabis. We would like to see Georgia become the world leader in Cannabis Therapeutics. With your help we can accomplish this.

Thank you for your consideration,

James Bell – Director, Georgia CARE Project