Georgia Commission on Medical Cannabis to Hold Hearings

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Atlanta GA: For the first time in Georgia’s history, lawmakers and professionals will be investigative how to regulate and establish in-state cultivation and dispensing of cannabis to qualified patients under House Bill 1 signed into law April 16, 2015 by Gov. Deal.

Georgia C.A.R.E. Project director James Bell and many other advocates/patients will be attending the hearing on Tuesday June 16, 2015 at 1:00 pm in the Coverdale Legislative Office Building across from the state capitol.

HB-1 is viewed as the first step of many that will inevitably re-establish regulations and guidelines for safe and legal access to cannabis in Georgia.

It is Georgia C.A.R.E. Project’s position that Georgia must take the following steps:

1. Regulations must be established to allow in-sate cultivation and processing of whole plant cannabis and extracts; allows the market to meet the supply/demands of the public; and allows for access of cannabis medicine to indigent patients unable to afford the medicine.
2. Establish a dispensary system which allows easy availability of the medicine to the patient and caregiver.
3. Expand the qualifying medical conditions for which cannabis can be recommended by a doctor including PTSD, glaucoma, pain management and many other conditions
4. Allow private cultivation/preparation for patients who are able to produce their own products.

James Bell, director of Georgia C.A.R.E. Project said he is hopeful Georgia will take action in the 2016 legislative session to open the door to safe and legal access of cannabis for anyone needing the natural medicine.

“Georgia needs to establish the best legislation possible and let’s move forward. Cannabis has been shown to be a relatively safe alternative to many pharmaceuticals drugs. In fact cannabis possesses unique properties that have shown to be safe and effective in the treatment of various medical conditions and in many cases the only medicine effective in the treatment of disease”, said James Bell.

Georgia C.A.R.E. Project is an advocate of legal access to cannabis medicine, criminal justice reform and the re-establishment of cannabis hemp as an industrial crop.

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James Bell

James Bell has been active in the marijuana reform movement since 1988. He has become the face and the voice of reform in Georgia and founded Georgia C.A.R.E. in 2012. James is Georgia's registered lobbyist for marijuana issues and works with media, lawmakers and the public on educational projects.

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