Marijuana Petitioners: What they are saying

petition2Georgia CARE launched a petition in support of marijuana law reform – nearly 700 have signed the petition is 3 days. Here is what some have to say:

It’s time to end the ignorance and propaganda surrounding cannabis and recognize its scientifically-proven medical benefits. Cannabis is more effective than pharmaceuticals and far less harmful as well. IK – Atlanta, Ga.

Job creation. Peace of mind. It’s the will of the people. End the greed and corruption and suffering of those who are denied this medicine. CR – Dacula, Ga.

It is time we stop wasting government dollars on a medicine that can help people. Refocus our efforts to real criminal. JH – Decatur, Ga.

Why give people pills ( which can kill them) when you can give them a harmless plant. People need this but lawmakers are so far shoved up their own ass they really don’t care about us, or so it seems. GB – Byron, Ga.

First cannabis cures many illnesses, it is not the devil weed that we have been taught. The fibers and oils can be used for so many industrial uses it should be legalized and if Georgia becomes the first state we will get a jump on the other states in the industry as many jobs would be created, the faster we do this the better for it is coming and it is better to lead than to follow. Thanks for your time. RP – Rome Ga.

Having a medical compassionate law in the State of Georgia is highly important to me. My spouse suffers from a debilitating disease that is eased with the use of Cannabis. Not only from smoking but ingesting is the best form of consumption. Others with the same disease take many medications with serious side effects and some have lost their lives. This is an important issue. CB – Jesup, Ga.

I use marijuana as an anti-depressent/stress reliever and refuse to take dangerous pills for it. Legalizing marijuana would make it easier for me to get and remove any dangers of arrest. JS – Oxford, Ga.

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