What Georgians Say About Legal Marijuana

Sign Georgia Marijuana Legalization Petition>>> Georgia CARE Project now have over 2000 signatures on the petition to legalize marijuana in Georgia. Here is what Georgians have to say: “We are…


GSU Students Study Marijuana Reform Advocacy

Georgia State University students take on the marijuana legalization issue as a civil justice class project. James Bell of Georgia CARE Project was one of those interviewed for the project….


Another Big Election Night for Marijuana Reform

  From MPP We had a big night last night. Marijuana policy reform measures cruised to victory in states across the nation last night. • Portland, Maine became the first…


Tapping Medical Marijuana’s Potential

Marijuana has been used medically, recreationally and spiritually for about 5,000 years. Known botanically as cannabis, it has been called a “crude drug”: marijuana contains more than 400 chemicals from…

Rodney Neal Graham

In Memory of Rodney Neal Graham

Today marks the 4th year since the tragic death of Rodney Neal Graham. We Still Remember!